Argos VPH joined AviaPartner Group,

We dedicate ourselves exclusively and personally each single flight with care. Your crew will be welcomed to our facilities by our professional and trained staff and your aircraft will be promptly handled. Argos and Aviapartner together cover Belgium, France, Italy, Netherland and Spain.

Your gateway in Europe.


Aviapartner, one of Europe’s largest FBO networks, and Argos Private Handling (“Argos”), the leading FBO and ground services provider in Italy, are joining forces.
Together, Aviapartner and Argos become the largest General Aviation handling network in Italy, with 18 handling stations including 15 FBOs.

In total, the Group now offers General Aviation handling services in 43 stations in Europe including 29 FBOs with highly comfortable passenger and crew facilities and state-of-the-art ground support equipment.

The two joint FBO networks combine decades of industry expertises with their utmost commitment to safety and customer satisfaction. The increased resources will ensure seamless, high-quality services at both ends of our clients’ operations.

We can offer to you our client, new possibilities to use our services across our expanded European network with even greater service levels, improved support and loyalty schemes, global solutions, and swifter integrated operations.

Naturally you can continue to rely on your existing personal working relationships with the Argos and Aviapartner teams.

As Europe’s largest FBO network in Belgium, France, Italy, the Netherlands and Spain, we look forward to continuing serving you in our extended network. Thank you very much for your confidence in our services.

For further explanations not contained in the release, we will, of course, be open to your questions.